10 reasons you need petid.com

pp-our-pupPetid.com offers you the most complete pet registry available. Here are the top 10 reasons you need Pet*iD.

10) You have a pet
9) Animals are naturally curious, and can get in a bind
8) Pets can’t speak for themselves
7) You want a registry that allows your vet to varify vaccinations
6) You want access to update information wherever you are whenever you like
5) You want a free, indestructible tag with a Pet*iD number, the website address and an 800# all stamped on it
4) Access to a national and global network is important
3) Your pet has multiple tag numbers and you want any and all of them added to your registration
2) You want reminders when vaccinations and other updates are due
1) Your pet is more than ‘like family’, your pet IS family


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